I’ve been working on a new project with Dave Winer — For the last few months, I’ve been annoyed at how hard it is to follow the political coverage. News pops up in a lot of different places, and having single source to follow what’s happening throughout the day has been an itch that needs scratching. Dave remembers the briefing books we had on the Dean campaign, a fixture of many campaigns. So started as a way to scratch the itch of the political news junkie, and a way to begin to build an open briefing book.

During the 2000 cycle, I worked as the webmaster and technical director of the Shadow Conventions. That’s actually where I first met Dave, through Edit This Then during the 2004 cycle, I worked as the webmaster for Howard Dean. This cycle (2008) after a false start, I’m excited to be working on NewsJunk.

Dave nicely summarizes what you can do on NewsJunk right now:

  1. Refresh the home page periodically.
  2. Subscribe to the RSS feed.
  3. Follow it on Twitter.
  4. Befriend it on FriendFeed.
  5. 5. Watch for developments on the weblog.

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