NewsJunk on Facebook

A few days ago I wrote about, and now there is an eighth way to follow NewsJunk: on Facebook!

Add “John Newsjunk” as a friend on Facebook. (You do this by searching for “John Newsjunk” then clicking “add as friend”). We’ll approve all friend requests, and then you can follow NewsJunk through status updates on Facebook via Twitter.

The eight ways to follow NewsJunk:

1. Refresh the home page periodically.

2. Subscribe to the RSS feed.

3. Follow it on Twitter.

4. Read it on your iPhone.

5. Befriend it on FriendFeed.

6. Receive emails through Google Groups.

7. Add it as a friend on Facebook.

8. Watch for developments on the NewsJunk weblog.

Any other ways we’re missing?

PS: You can include NewsJunk headlines on your blog or site.

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