Next week’s 332 mile bike ride: Am I Crazy?

Bob Perkowitz is my Biking Jedi Master. In an effort to lose weight and inspired by Bob and other biking efforts (including Rob Ross’ bike tour of the Camino in Spain), I decided to take up biking a couple months ago. Bob has been an incredible guide and mentor in this sport, helping me to pick and outfit my Trek 520. So when Bob called and invited me on a four day bike ride through North Carolina’s Outer Banks, how could I turn him down? Never mind that I’ve never biked more than 45 consecutive miles in my life and I’m pretty sure my entire lifetime biking mileage to date is less than 300 miles. But here we go – a great adventure. Any advice? The plan is:

  • Tuesday, July 8: Warm up ride
  • Wednesday, July 9: Ride from Virginia Beach, VA to Nags Head, NC – 71 miles
  • Thursday, July 10 : Ride Nags Head, NC to Ocracoke, NC – 86 mi. + ferry
  • Friday, July 11: Ride from Ocracoke, NC to Emerald Isle, NC, – 50 miles
  • Saturday, July 12: Ride from Emerald Isle, NC to Wrightsville Beach, NC – 98 miles
  • Sunday, July 13: Home to see my dog!

I will be taking my Flip Video and my camera with me (thanks, Dave!) and there is always Twitter – so presumably you’ll see some updates from the road next week. My long suffering wife is one of the people driving the support van, so at least I’ll have someone to help me get out of bed on the last day. If anyone has any tips, send ’em my way. I’m hoping this will be a radical shock to drive me into a more regular exercise routine and a lower body mass index. Pray for me and my butt.

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