The “new” math of community

This post on the crazy new math of the modern era drives me crazy.

Just like I don’t believe in heroes, I don’t believe in genius. I believe in community.

The long tail is everywhere, even poetry. The age of the elite creator is replaced by your neighbor the poet/journalist/insert-craft-here. Is there really a problem with anyone being able to write a poem? Soon, with 3-D printing, it won’t just be “media” that anyone can create. Soon it will be anything – shoes, mobile phones, vehicles. (Think I’m crazy? Read this and this and this.) And then, once anyone can create anything, brands and elite notions of excellence will be obsolete. It will all come down to relationship — to my neighbor (physical or digital) and my neighbor’s work. We will really dwell in our communities — be they geographical or otherwise. Personal relationships will matter — and not much else. It’s a beautiful chaotic day that is arriving / has arrived. Instead of lamenting the death of something (“The loss would be incalculable“), celebrate the creation of a radical new way of organizing the world. Burn the money, and the press used to print it. This is something completely different.

One Response to “The “new” math of community”

  1. aldebarab Says:

    “Is there really a problem with anyone being able to write a poem?”

    Not if you disbelieve in Gresham’s Law. Me, I believe it applies to literature as much as to monetary policy.

    “elite notions of excellence will be obsolete.”

    Thank God! There’s far too much excellence in this world, already! We need to make things even more mediocre, or worse! Brilliant idea!!!

    “Think I’m crazy?”

    No, just misguided, and a little bit idiotic.

    I just want to say how fascinating it is to encounter someone, such as yourself, with whom I share absolutely no values whatsoever, based upon your posted comments, above. I disagree with quite literally everything in your post, down to the last comma, and that alone, suffices to refute your nauseating anti-individualistic, quasi-fascistic* “communitarian” thesis.

    So, continue to “believe” all you like, but there will never be any community between the likes of you and me, and, I dare say, between you and any number of others. I like it that way, myself.

    *So much for your “radically new way of organizing the world”! We’ve heard your tune all too many times before, in the Soviet Union, in Nazi Germany, in Mussolini’s Italy; in a word, in the ethos of the anthill…. I’ll pass.

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