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December 14, 2009

I finally got fed up with keeping my hosted wordpress installation up-to-date, security patched and spam-free. Trouble with Google and Malware only intensified my frustration. So I’ve decided to move everything over to a setup. Got a few hiccups, but we’re working through them. You might find this post from a 404 error (file not found) looking for my old blog. Thanks for your patience. (Any suggestions on how to improve the Kubrick header image which is kind of blocky and not altogether graceful are much appreciated.)

What to do

October 12, 2006

I love the simple design of the current blog design – just straight-forward and easy to read. It’s a design called White As Milk. But I also love strong visuals – and I especially love my own photos (modest fellow that I am). So how to incorporate some visuals into the simplicity of this design? I struggle and I scrape.


March 2, 2006

and here I was, all ready to write a post about The Village and remaindered animatroics hollywood animals (it’s only $21,000.00 for the animatronic walrus used in pizza commericals), but instead I’ve spent my alloted blogging time trying to figure out how to get rid of the “_encloseme: 1” that wordpress is sticking in front of each new post. And as you can tell, I haven’t been very successful. [or maybe I have?] Argh.


September 23, 2005

Bear with me. This Movable Type installation for is becoming ancient and comment-spam riddled. I’m in the process of migrating to a new WordPress platform, so if things aren’t entirely working don’t get upset yet. Technically I’ve been in the process of migrating to a new host/blogging platform for over a month, but I’m finally getting up the energy to finish the transition. Stay Tuned…

comments are broken

May 11, 2005

Comments have been broken for a couple weeks. My comment spam had picked up to an unbearable level, so I fooled around with blacklist and now every comment is blacklisted. damn. I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong, so it may just be time to build a new blog, in wordpress or manila or something. Dave Pentecost wanted to leave the below comment about our poetry podcast, but wasn’t able, so he just emailed it to me:

A tear in my eye, a hoot at the end. Thanks to all concerned (who edited? the closing music was a kick) for a magical ride on the F train and walk through the flower district to work yesterday. Pod on, my friends! And read Dharma Bums – you folks are in a grand tradition. You just work too hard.

Books Now

April 11, 2005

Last week I went down and caught the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin in full bloom. Given my flower obsession, you can imagine I took an enormous number of photos. After a painful amount of pruning, I’ve posted the best of the bunch. Unfortunately, I showed up a bit too late; the light wasn’t quite right, too dark, and the place was packed to the gills with people.

I’ve also posted a new bunch of books in the upper left hand corner for the first time since the late fall. Charles Portis I was introduced by Dave Pentecost as part of our Gringo Collapse Tour. I’ve only read True Grit and Gringos — both were good, but I enjoyed Gringos much more — probably because I was a gringo in Chiapas when I was reading it and it made much more sense. I’m looking forward to reading The Dog of the South.

I’m also indebted to Dave Pentecost for Sacred Monkey River by Chris Shaw. I haven’t read it yet, just have it on my nightstand, but Dave highly recommends it. Chris is a friend of his from the river, and it turns out that Silbo remembers him from the campaign (Rumor has it that Chris lives in Vermont).

In keeping with the Mexico theme, I’ve just started reading The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene. Greene is one of my favorite fiction writers, although poetry outranks fiction 1000 to 1 in my book. Still, at the top of my favorite fiction list is Greene and Robertson Davies. I’ve never read this Graham Greene book and I’m looking forward to it.

Finally, a return to an old favorite: The Wild Iris by Louise Gluck. I read this book of poems back in 1997 or 1998, and even had the title poem memorized for a time. I remember discovering it in the Stacks of Swem Library while in College, just browsing… and being caught completely breathless by the opening poem. That’s what I’m reading right now.

Oh My

January 16, 2005

Costello is staying with me this weekend (he writes on Of, By, and For) and he just informed me that the last person he stayed with in Washington, DC got murdered six months after he stayed with them. That’s great, Joe. Just freaking great.

The comment spam problem is out of control. MT Blacklist is installed, but not making much of a difference. This is a serious problem for blogs. I can not tell you how annoying it is.

You’ll also notice some changes in the left column. I’ve added a blogroll, for one. I’m sure I’ve forgotten people, so just let me know. Stay tuned for more changes!

And one last note: the photo right now was taken with my Sidekick II camera. Jim says I need to start a moblog via flickr

Comments closed

January 16, 2005

Comment spam is out of control right now, so until I can get MT Blacklist working (and I understand it’s not a full solution), I’m just closing all comments.

I have betrayed my people

September 8, 2004

My cousin Jesse rightly chastises me for not linking to the iTunes song offerings, just the albums. He’s more than right: I’m a total hypocrite. I haven’t bought a physical album on Amazon in months. For the last year, every single piece of music I’ve purchased for myself has been through iTunes, completely electronically. Okay, Jesse — iTunes links are on their way to…

Book Archive

September 6, 2004

Books Now

Sept. 6 – Oct. 21

Wild Gratitude: Poems
by Edward Hirsch buy it

Local Wonders
by Ted Kooser buy it

We The Media
by Dan Gillmor buy it

Jay’s Journal of Anomalies
by Ricky Jay buy it

Oct. 21 – March 10


Breath: Poems
by Philip Levine buy it

Delights & Shadows
by Ted Kooser buy it

by Bob Dylan buy it

Slow Food: The Case for Taste
by Carlo Petrini buy it

March 11 – May 17

by Charles Portis buy it

The Power and the Glory
by Graham Greene buy it

Sacred Monkey River
by Chris Shaw buy it

The Wild Iris
by Louise Gluck buy it