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Wedding Photos

January 16, 2008

Although we eloped on Oct. 30, 2006, we had a big wedding on May 12, 2007. And what a fine wedding it was. Although there was much deliberation and gnashing of teeth over every decision and its moral ramifications, in the end it was a fine wedding and we loved every minute of it. I remember friends who for months after their weddings would recount it again and again in copious detail, dwelling over the photos in the most pathetic way possible. I found it absolutely tiresome. Well, I have now become that person. I love looking at my wedding photos. It’s guaranteed to take me out of a bad mood. For that reason alone, I recommend marriage.

We had many friends take great photos of our wedding, but we hired an exceptional wedding photographer, the esteemed Megan Greenlee. She took in the neighborhood 3,000 photos, an overwhelming feat in and of itself. After eight months of sorting through photos, we’ve tried to upload the best photos of the wedding to the internet. Enjoy: Morra & Nicco’s Wedding.

New Hampshire Debate Photos

January 6, 2008

My wife Morra was credentialed for tonight’s ABC/Facebook presidential primary debates in New Hampshire (she’s blogging for,, and I was on a work trip for the last three days and so in an effort to get some quality time with my wife, I tagged along. Given the importance of both debates, credentials were hard to come by, but our friend Adam at Facebook saw fit to let me have one and I was able to accompany my wife as her photographer and tech support. We had a blast, but it’s late and I’m fighting a cold (making me very cranky), so here are some photos from the New Hampshire ABC/Facebook primary debates.

It's officially official.

May 19, 2007

In August we got engaged; in October we eloped to the courthouse [blog post, photos]; in May we had a fun little wedding party.

The photos continue to roll in – the official photos by the most excellent Megan Greenlee have not yet arrived – but many friends documented the occasion. On the wedding blog,, we are keeping track of the continually multiplying photo albums, but here it goes:

More to come….

Photos of my Grandmother

December 6, 2006

It’s a bit nuts the last 48 hours; 40+ relatives flying in from multiple continents, and I’m co-ordinating food, lodging, and transportation, as well as all visual elements of the funeral (photo slideshow, program, mass card). On top of keeping some work projects running. I’m exhausted. I’ve uploaded all of the photos we’re using in the slideshow to my flickr feed so that family and friends who can’t make it can still see it: Joey Davidson, 1923-2006. I think my two favorites are (1) Nan with her father, Wallace McPhee, my great-grandfather and (2) when she won Polio Mother of the Year from the March of Dimes in 1957. The little girl in the photo is my mother, and the dog’s name is Bill.

Flickr Archiving

October 9, 2006

I’ve been spending all of my copious free time going through my old photos and uploading some favorites to Flickr. Here are some of the new sets of old photos:

  • Random photos of my brother
  • I lived in Queens for almost 3 years, and here are some of the photos from that period: New York (2001 to 2003)
  • Way back in 1999 I got an early webcam and took a photo of myself. Then, entranced with the wonders of the old shareware app PaintShop Pro, I went to town and created a fun slideshow that I call “Nicco the Thug“.
  • My aunt gave me a bunch of old family slides from the early 1950s. I’ve scanned the first four slides and thrown in a much later scanned photo. Most of these photos are of my father, Nick Mele, and his parents, Nick and Dorothy.
  • In 1996 or 1997 (I can’t remember exactly when), I got a grant from the Charles Center at William & Mary, where I was in college. The grant was a special cross-disciplinary scholarship, only to be used for something totally unrelated to your major or minor. I was particularly entranced by Dale Chihuly at the time, and so I applied for a grant to study glassblowing. I received the grant, and spent part of my summer at the Corning Glass Studio in Corning, New York. My obsession with glassblowing continues to this day.
  • I’ve also got a a random collection of family photos… This is pretty interesting – a scan of William P. St. John’s obit from the New York Times, not sure the date. Born in 1849, so probably early 1900s. He’s an aged ancestor of mine – my maternal grandfather had this obit.
  • Speaking of my maternal grandfather, here’s a photo from a trip to his childhood home, Hellhole, California. I’m not kidding.

Besides the sets, there are a bunch of random photos that aren’t in sets. Some of my favorites:

More photos to come.

photos & flowers

May 17, 2005

Harish went to Lebanon and left my digital camera there. After a few weeks of using my cameraphone with varying levels of success, I finally gave in and purchased a real digital camera, SLR, the new Canon Digital Rebel XT. First, I spent Saturday at the Georgetown Garden Show. Then spent Monday in New York (still in New York, actually…) at the Personal Democracy Forum, where I took not only photos of participants but specialized in their neckties. I’m in a bit of bind: Flickr is the standard of the day, but I sell prints of my flower photos through Smugmug. So, for now I guess I’ll post in both places… but be sure to buy some of my prints. This one might be my favorite, but I like this one, too. Oh, and comments don’t work yet. so you’ll have to comment on Flickr or something. Let’s complicate this process as much as possible, shall we?

The Party is Over; the Photos are captioned.

March 21, 2005

Okay, there you have it. I’ve captioned all the photos I’m going to caption. I have a number of favorites; you’ll just have to poke around. Dave also has a great post that relates our final minutes together — when some guy comes around at 4:30 in the morning in the middle of the jungle asking us if the party is over. Dave’s right; I’m still chuckling. Here’s the complete run-down:

I Have Returned

March 21, 2005

Sunday night, I just got in. That was one incredible trip! Internet connections were spotty the last few days, not leaving much of a chance for blogging. I’m uploading photos right now, but mostly I’m exhausted and have several draft blog posts about the last week which will be showing up soon. I’m still adding comments to photos, but I may as well get them up. There are four new galleries: Day 3 on the Usumacinta River and at Yaxchilan and Bonapak, Day 5 in San Cristobal (although some of the best parts of this day were in Chumulu, where photos aren’t allowed), Flowers in San Cristobal, Doors in San Cristobal, and a series of photos of the colors people have painted their outside walls in San Cristobal. But you don’t really get the story until I caption them, so if you’re patient you should wait for the captioning, which will be duly announced here.

Photos of Day 2 up

March 16, 2005

The photos from Day 2 of the Gringo Collapse Tour are up. I think my favorite one is of Ed and Dave walking through the jungle talking excitedly. Yesterday’s favorite photo of mine is a tie between Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Inscriptions, with a local dog coming in as honorable mention.

A Photo I Wish I Had Taken

March 6, 2005

My love of photography has suffered as of late. I’m just not taking many photos, and not spending the time I used to spend (hours!) reviewing and considering my photos. Instead I’m slowly becoming a Flickr Zombie. Consider this photo discovered today on Flickr — it’s brilliant. I love it. I wish I had taken it, and I’m not a man with many regrets.

A few years ago I had this idea — or maybe Chris Massey had it — where you would subscribe to Nicco for a year. I figured I didn’t need much money to survive, so could I get enough people to pay me $30 or $40 to pursue a random assortment of art projects, everything from writing to painting to large land art installations? The Nicco Subscription never got off the ground, although a number of my friends who remember the idea still seem to think it’s absolutely hilariously funny to revisit every time I talk to them… “remember that time you had that crazy idea? man, that was dumb! ha ha ha…”

Anyway the point is I have been contemplating a Heather Champ Print Club. It’s a subscription to her photos, where once a month she sends you a print from her work. On your birthday you get to chose your favorite photo for an extra-large print. See? Not such a crazy idea.