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Radio is a Sound Salvation

December 22, 2004

After months of talking about it, I’m finally on the air again. Or maybe it should read “on the web”. Or “in the pod”. My first podcast is with Tim Jones — and there is more to come, believe you me. The full MP3 is here, on the newly re-designed EchoDitto website.

Nothing Like Nerding Up the Holidays

December 20, 2004

Note to self: explore bluetooth and be sure to get setup with VoIP. I think I might need a new gadget to complete the fusion between bluetooth, mobile phone, and VoIP. Oh well — not on the market until April. Damn.

Weather in Cambridge Sucks

December 11, 2004

At lunch a couple weeks ago Dave Winer invited me to join a panel at Harvard Law School’s Internet & Politics conference. Very generous of him – especially since they paid for travel and lodging.

The session was titled “Blogging and Local Politics”. The discussion went off today pretty well — you can listen to it on the internet and politics podcast and for the non-iPodders among you silbo live-blogged the local blogging talk).

But at the end of the day I just don’t think I’m a conference person. Maybe I’m too tired this weekend, or too cranky, but sitting in these sessions – and leading one – well, it’s just not something I feel like doing. It’s funny; I like discussion, debate, engagement. But conference life just seems draining and pointless.

On the other hand, I’ve met a bunch of excellent people, discovered some new sites, educated myself on new issues, gotten involved with very interesting projects, and saw old friends. So maybe conferences aren’t so pointless after all, and I’m just having a case of the sleepy-grouchies.

Be careful what you wish for

November 28, 2004

Over on the corporate blog, I post about technology and work. It’s generally in a decidedly different tone, and different subject matter, than the postings here at You can read a summary of my work blog posts, but that’s not what this is about. As some folks may know, towards the end of the Dean campaign we started an online radio show. Every day Zephyr and I went into Tamara’s office and broadcast WDFA, and I loved it. It was a team effort, with lots of great work from Joe Rospars and Jascha Franklin-Hodge (now of Blue State Digital), and others like John Pettitt, Jim Brayton, Tim Jones, and Andy Rossmeissl. In any case, it was so much fun, and relatively successful, that I’ve been mildly obsessed with online radio ever since.

Back in July I wrote this post on the corporate blog about online radio and hinting at podcasting. Now, Tim and I are talking about starting an online radio studio in our office. Well, on Friday I was having lunch with Dave Winer in a great deli in Queens and we talked excitedly about podcasting, among other things. But then I broke my tooth while munching on a massive reuben. I left him a voicemail after I saw the dentist, and my first official podcast was born.

The funny part was that I didn’t know Dave had posted the voicemail, so Saturday morning when I started getting calls from friends (some of whom I hadn’t heard from in weeks) asking how my tooth was doing, I was mystifed. Dave had also posted about another idea from lunch, the League of Blogging Voters. I had promised to buy the domain, but due to the dental crisis I completely forgot. Luckily my friend & co-worker Mike Carvalho read Dave’s post and snapped up Now you’ll just have to wait and see what we do to it.