Welcome to the Live Mets Post.

Hiya, I’m Nicco’s little brother, invited here tonight to blog about the Mets in this NLCS. I’m fairly excited as I love the Mets, love baseball, love technology, love New York and love my family. So tonight I’ve got all 5 in a wonderfull mash up.

For the record I’m here in my Aunt’s condo, my wife is cooking dinner, my uncle’s sister is helping her, my uncle is feeding my daughter a bottle and my aunt should be here shortly. And me. I’m watching these dumb comercials and listening to some braindead commentary.

I feel dissapointed with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, who make me want to watch Ugly Betty instead. Seriously. Inane banter. OH, Luis Gonzales will be on tonight. I hope he’s better then Lou Pinella. 5 players from both the A’s and Tigers were refered to as the “nicest guy in baseball” last night. I mean come on. In a tense and exciting, emotionally charged series, the best thing you can talk about is how nice these guys are?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Keith Hernandez (un PC comments and all) never bored me. I really enjoyed watching each game he called. I learned alot about baseball technique, history and clubhouse feel. Especially when they’d play him against Ron Darling.

But enough of the frivolities.. now for the best thing in the world, Mets October Baseball with the family. Keep your browsers pointed here and catch my opinions on this magical night.

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