Tonight I traveled to Maryland (gasp!) to attend a little talk by Malcolm Gladwell about his newest book, Blink. I haven’t read the book yet, although thanks to Tim’s gift of a Powells certificate, I have purchased it. But in his talk, Gladwell summarized the book by saying that he thinks we have to completely re-evaluate all of our methods and metrics for assessing people — for everything from college admissions to compatibility for marriage. The book is apparently primarily about snap judgments — and how sometimes they are infinitely more perceptive than any tests administered, but sometimes blinded by bias (gender and race to name a few). He was a fascinating speaker and offered most of the session up to questions, which was about perfect. I took a few photos in my new Flickr feed. Soon I’ll read the book and let you know if it’s worthwhile.

3 Responses to “Blink!”

  1. Mary Helene Says:

    New York Times Book Review seemed to say that it was big on ancedotes, short on evidence.

  2. jamie Says:

    hi. i am zack’s friend. my name is jamie.
    i wanted to say that i like your blog. it is very nice. and the puppy and flowers make it even nicer.


  3. Darien John Says:

    My “snap judgement” after reading the book is that it wasn’t worth reading.

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