I Have Returned

Sunday night, I just got in. That was one incredible trip! Internet connections were spotty the last few days, not leaving much of a chance for blogging. I’m uploading photos right now, but mostly I’m exhausted and have several draft blog posts about the last week which will be showing up soon. I’m still adding comments to photos, but I may as well get them up. There are four new galleries: Day 3 on the Usumacinta River and at Yaxchilan and Bonapak, Day 5 in San Cristobal (although some of the best parts of this day were in Chumulu, where photos aren’t allowed), Flowers in San Cristobal, Doors in San Cristobal, and a series of photos of the colors people have painted their outside walls in San Cristobal. But you don’t really get the story until I caption them, so if you’re patient you should wait for the captioning, which will be duly announced here.

One Response to “I Have Returned”

  1. Anne Says:

    The doors, flowers, and colors are truly wonderful.

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